I turn a year older.

I know I only have limited time here, And it’s morbid to say but it’s also a year that i would be closer to death.

Today, I want to remind myself that I am just super blessed for all that I have now – and it’s all thanks to the Almighty.

I will always be grateful for all that is now and all that is not, and I have trust in His plans.

This year I’ll be even stronger & patient and I strive to be even more sincere in my intentions and actions. InshaAllah!

Happy birthday, me!



Is it I MRS now? 😏

Beng married really has it perks. So far, I am enjoying it. I hope we’ll always be like this hahahaha. No wonder everyone says it gets even better when you’re married. they’re right.

My favourite moment from the wedding? SK’s pick up line 😂

” u kenal i tak ? ” 

” tak, siapa u ” 

” i jo ” 

” jo siapa ” 

” jodoh u ” 


OK going to layan my jodoh now and explore the streets of Tokyo! 

P.s: if you’ve got any recommendations please let me know!

Sugar sugar, how you get so fly?

I wanted to do something I have never done before. After hearing stories of sugaring experience from mostly (ex) BTBs, I contemplated for a while if I really, absolutely, definitely wanted to do it.

….and I told myself why not?

So the obvious place to go for Sugaring is Sugar(ed) Singapore! 

It was pretty easy. Just sign up for an account, book your preferred slot and the super friendly Steph (aka manager) will confirm your slots 24-48 hours before your appointment by calling you!

I was thiiiiis close wanting to choose a Thursday slot after the final fitting. But I am glad I didn’t. I would have been so darn tired. I booked for a Saturday (Deepavali PH) slot a few days earlier when the slot opened up, probably because somebody cancelled/rescheduled their appointment. I was pretty lucky you can say, weekends and after work hours are usually full!

I did a little research of course, by little I meant I only looked at Pinterest (YES I downloaded again!) and there were so many comparisons talking about the difference between waxing and sugaring. Obviously, sugaring triumph all. 

Clearly, enough to already excite me.

So I came for my appointment, and was greeted by the lovely Steph. I filled out an easy questionnaire and then met my Sugarist, Kat Xin and then she ushered me into the room.

She is super sweet, I swear. It’s like she never stops smiling even when she was sugaring me.

So she will hand feminine wipes to you first and then there will be a change of pants for you and thennnnnnn you can lie on the bed.

RIGHTTTTTT, i forgot to mention I chose Brazilian k, all out ah might as well since I’m putting myself through this.

She explained the products she was putting on, I cannot remember much now but it’s something about getting into hair follicles and then another one is dry powder so that the paste will stick to the skin more. 

So…off she started. She was gentle and clearly explaining what she was doing at every step of the way, especially explaining how sugaring is following the direction of hair growth so the likelihood of ingrown hair will be lesser.

The first few times were painless. She showed the amount of hair that was instantly pulled out. I tell you, I’ve never been more amazed with hairs. Of course, different parts had different pain level. I will not deny – it is painful at some parts. But bearable lah. For me, the pain will last max 20 seconds before she will move on to other parts. Not too bad. My muscle clearly tensed up after a while, Kat Xin had to remind me to relax. HAHAHAH. 

Since it was my first time, after the short “war” was over, it was time for the free mud mask! It was pretty cooling. 

After that whole session was done, Kat Xin introduced me to some of the products they offer to hydrate and exfoliate your down under! Never knew there were so many things I could try for after care. I bought the travel kit one, but I’ve only been using it for a day now so I cannot tell the difference yet 😂😂😂

The session ended with me… booking for my next Brazilian! WOOOOHOOO

I’ve been looking at the parts that have been Sugared everyday and I have never been so impressed with myself. I feel like a baby. Clean, soft and just hairless HAHAHA.

You should try lah, no ragrets one hahaha

Less than week!

How did time just fly?!

Met almost all the vendors last week and alhamdulillah, everything is more or less settled for now. It’s true what people say – the last lap is the busiest (but also laziest) lap. Also this could possibly be my lengthiest blog post as I talk about them.

I always try to squeeze two vendors in a day, so I get to maximize my day. Pretty much successful so far, except one or two vendors.

Here’s the list of vendors I have met, documenting this for future reference so that the timeline would be useful to somebody somehow:

10 October 2016: Pixclique (Abby & husband)

– Met them at Starbucks at Bedok mall after work. So easy to work with them because again, I also tak cerewet. Settled on photo strips instead of the usual photo size, and I didn’t have any design I wanted in particular anyway!  Opted for personalised message at the back too, so friends please leave your message k! Also settled on what was needed on that day such as how many chairs or tables needed and also paid whatever I needed to pay. #easypeasy

16 October 2016: Sweetz Creation (Kak Aida) and Catering and Decor (Cik Tipah and fam)

– Met Kak Aida at Koh Nangkam to finalise pelamin measurements and discuss colours for trays. She was late, but I understand because there were problems with the delivery earlier. She is really nice and full of smiles, and super accomodating too alhamdulillah. We didn’t have any preferred colour theme so she suggested what would be best for us, made things so much easier since SK and I also semua OK. Meeting was pretty short, so I am left with passing the barang over to her soon. Probably tomorrow.

Side story: I only booked her recently, and she mentioned that she’s actually full for the whole year but she said she will look at her schedule. I had no high hopes, of course, but she got back to me and she said she’ll be able to do it alhamdulillah!

– Catering and Decor: Finalised menu again and then found out that they actually can give free ice cream but I already booked ice cream booth so they changed to something else. I don’t know what else my parents added though but yang penting they like. For decor, I said no preference but in the end I send 2 pictures to her hahahahaha. jadi ah. Settled some payment after that. After settling this, got to makan from cik eton punya spread. sedap ah op cos! they even gave us some food to pack back which actually made my brother quite happy because he loved the ayam.

 17 October 2016: DJ (dyn)

– My parents specifically wanted to meet him so I also terbabit. He is such a funny person, and my parents also quite liked him. Actually they were the ones who asked me to look for him lah pun. We settled on our itinerary and my parents asked several questions about before set up, games, photo taking, after cake cutting and all that. His explanation was really good and of course he made such a good impression so I am looking forward to see him at work! I just need to find my walk in song, and cake cutting song ASAP. (I have but heh it’s such an odd song) I also like it he starts, and end with a du’a so that’s really impt for me heh.

25 October 2016: Cake (fluff)

– The meeting got postponed twice! I was disappointed of course. In the end they accommodated to my timing on Monday, but without the baker that’s supposed to do my cake. Haha but the one who took note of my order (Sarah?) was really nice and all, and was in constant contact with the baker, Di, throughout the whole meeting. Created an awesome cake with the other baker’s help with lots of Speculoos and Nutella – I feel slightly remorseful because OMG what did I do what if i am going to be muak? bahahah. But I promised myself I will keep the cake all to myself after. #tamaktahapgaban 

I also upgraded my cake to the frosted one so they’ll be delivering late to accommodate the weather. OK JE. 

27 October 2016: Flashed (Salihin), Peti Solek final fitting 

– Met Salihin over at their new office in Ubi and discussed itineraries and things to take note of: transportation, time and other miscellaneous. pretty straightforward and quite efficient – just the way we like it.

– Cabbed to Bukit Batok after meeting Salihin to eat first before heading to Peti Solek new office at The Elitist! The new place is gorgeous seriously, especially when you can see all their collection hanging. I was in awe. As usual, Qee, Sue and Cik Majid were there. Saw our 4 gorgeous outfits already hanging at the side! But then Qee broke the news to us that Wanie won’t be able to make it for our event….so they’ll be the replacement alhamdulillah. Not like we are badly affected lah pun hahaha tk affected langsung actually because I trust these kakak andam ni.

Tried on all four outfits. The nikah outfit was fitted so nicely and made me realise that SHIT JUST GOT REAL. SK felt the same way. Are we really getting married?! YES WE ARE. Also, busy or what pengantin lelaki must ikat samping and all the thingamagic, in fact he took longer than I did. But then again who am I to complain when I will be the one who will take hours to siap and make up for the rest of our lives bahahaha.

Tried on all four change outfits and then we were done. Almost had to change the last outfit because they couldn’t find a matching veil, but they found something to match so alhamdulillah! Settled itinerary again after that and phewww we were done!

We left and they said, “See you next week!”

GUYS it’s almost next week 😱😱😱



I think the question I get the most nearing to the day is: how do you feel?

I’ve been talking about emotions and feelings since forever but honestly I feel like I’m fine, I don’t have jitters yet and I don’t feel that excited. Maaaaaaybe all this feelings will come but for now, not yet. lol, I asked some of my married friends whether this is normal and they said yes so oklah I am not that extraordinary lah pun hahaha. they say just wait for the day then all these feelings will come and attack. #notready #gettisuesready #getthisoveranddonewith 

SK and I clearly didn’t do the pantang stuff, BUT I was actually looking forward to pantang because macam quite fun from other people’s experience. But then again, we also don’t meet that often so kirekan pantang jugak ah…pantang yok yok.

The last stretch of the wedding is taxing, so it is always best find your inner zen. I can attest to this pasal always cry aje (???) if something happened and then I cannot sleep. merepek. I really like sleep a lot. I hope soon all this will be over and I will be less emotional and all that shizz.

So anyway back to wedding updates other than touchy feely stuff.

I bought my heels, like finally. I’ve always wanted shoes like Melissa yang comfortable gila or Christy Ng’s customised shoe because I want to feel special like that or even just sandals because I love sandals I can wear them everyday. The last one out lah obviously. Mesti my parents judgy. Mesti I kene marah. Mesti I nangis 😂😂😂

So my parents dragged me to City Plaza because since their time, the shoes here are known to be orang kahwin approved punya. Even org sekarang beli dekat sana. How I know? Baca blog korg ah haha. So we just went into one random shop and then WOW look at the glitterxzxz! I wasn’t impressed lah actually with some of the selection until this aunty took out one of the heels and recommended me to try. I gave in akhirnya. She suggested using peep toe so it won’t be as sakit as compared to using covered heels. In the end, beli jugak because I felt comfortable. I also bought it because she didn’t feel pushy haha. Shopkeeper main peranan k!

 Aunty also gave me free stuffs like some sole thingy so ++++ point lah I give this aunty! If you want to visit the shop, it’s the second level of City Plaza nearest to the escalator on the left. Total damage: 50 – 60ish?? so oklah kot since boleh pakai untuk raya tahun depan. #forwardthinking 

HERE it is:

I didn’t survey any other shops because I wanted to grab and go. There might be cheaper options in this area so you should survey first before buying impulsively like me. Not really me lah, my parents because they paid for it alhamdulillah. ahahah.

Now what to do? Practise strutting down the runway, no? HAHAHA Please pray I don’t fall on my wedding day! Buat malu kompany je gitu.

26 days

Down to less than a month.

I don’t really feel anything in particular yet but it’s pretty exhausting once you reach the 60 days mark. Fast forward, it’s just 26 days away now.

There’s too many things that happened since the last time I wrote.

2 months away till the wedding, but I was still engaging several new vendors. 1 month away and I have yet to meet some of them in person. 

I tried losing weight too, been going this muslimah studio last week and it’s pretty exciting to attend the classes. I actually really like yoga and it’s coming from me….and I really like rough sports eh.

My pimples are appearing again. I don’t know why. And I really want to wear glasses for my wedding day hahahahaha but I also want to try contact lenses but I also dunno.

I had my first halal hen’s party thanks to my awesome colleagues at work. Had so much fun but I had to leave early the next day.

There’s been a whole whirlwind of emotions in the relationship in the last month.

I am inclined to believe this is part and parcel of the whole engaged package. 

But we’ll pull through like we always do.

When in ROMM, do as the ROMM(ans) do

I’ve always wanted to say that in a blog post.

Well, the ROMM process is pretty straightforward I must say. Being the efficient gurrrl that I am, I wanted to register at exactly 150 days. Sharp. At midnight. But…..OK continue story in a bit.

 There are only a few details required like:

  1. Bride + Groom full name + NRIC
  2. Wali’s full name + NRIC
  3. 2 saksi full name + NRIC (doesn’t matter which side the saksi is from, but it’s common practice for most to have one saksi from the bride and the other from the groom)
  4. Venue of Solemnization 
  5. Choice of kadi

So I wanted to register sharp kan? So itu lah. #5 was the issue. I asked SK before which kadi he prefers but everytime I ask, he said semua OK. Being the persistent girl that I am, I will continue to ask him. Once, he actually mentioned this: 

Eh eh mentel.

But anyway, I brushed it off lah kan. Tok kadi shahrul fantasy aje. 

So I asked the other BTBs and I read countless blogs, and they recommended Ustaz T. So ok lor. USTAZ IT then.  Good reviews means cannot go wrong. I had no back up plans whatsoever so….gitu lah. I have heard stories that you have to inform him THEN he will open up the slots. But I felt like, what if he murah hati want to buka slot tahu night? So oklah I registered countless times at midnight. By then da cuak k girls. If he no hap, what to do? Lepas tu mcm tak buka buka slot I went to sleep. Tapi tk tenteram punya sleep.

In the morning, I went to work and tried registering and again slots tak buka buka. By then I felt like an expert lah seh asyik tulis all the details. I then messaged Route2Wed who actually registered a month before and she told me to text the Ustaz. So ok I texted him at 9 am, probably one of my sopan-est text ever.  So I asked if he was available for my slot and then he asked me whether “my bakalnya is Md Nur”…..Nur Way

I knew at this point of time takde harapan. I was right. Somebody messaged the Ustaz earlier and chope him already. Hahaha. Haiya. So I turned to the BTBs and they gave a few suggestions. Took in their suggestions.

At 9ish, I just looked at the available kadi slots and chose Ustaz Z.ahid oklah, settled. Stress for nothing aje haha. Turns out SK also got what he (partly) wants, a pseudo Tok Kadi Shahrul, the advisor of the whole Tok Kadi show heheh.

So some tips for future brides:

  • You can enquire to the Kadi of your choice about their availability before 150 days. Their numbers are readily available on the ROMM website.
  • Chill when registering. Get details ready and then you just have to CHILL. Tak payah kanchiong spider. Process senang gila.

Okay so a few weeks later we went to ROMM to interview. Again, process simple gila. Go to the reception and then the person at the counter will ask if da register and them if you say yes you will get a queue number.

Baru 8.46 and still the first one. I avoided mon and fri pasal less busy and betul lah, memang takde orang pun.

We just followed our queue number. First, we had to verify our documents and then it was interview time. For some reason, mcm seram gitu ehhhh. 

 My dad went in first to and then he called both SK and I in together. We were asked similar questions and we had to angkat sumpah. Everything ended pretty early, by 9.05 I think we were out. Did we take a picture at the heart shaped pelamin? Tak. Because got couple nak kahwin and they wanted to use the backdrop so we left the place aje. No cheesy picture to show you guys sorry hahahahaha

Actually after going through all this… No need to freak out sangat lah. I don’t know why I fret over nothing of this whole nak kahwin process. Easy peasy tunggu hari now. Chill.